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Mazda MX-5 1.5 R-Sport 2020 UK review

What is it?

You surely know the drill by now when it comes to limited-edition MX-5s.  

Mazda’s iconic two-seater has received so many over the years that we’ve lost count, but that hasn’t stopped them from finding homes. Only so many of each new edition will be made, after all, and although few arrive with any major mechanical... ( подробнее )

Wise investments: Autocar writers share their own future classics

How do you think Autocar writers switch off after a whirlwind week of driving around in new cars?

Not by stamp collecting or pottering around in our gardens, you might be surprised to learn, but typically by driving around in older cars – cars that had long been on our wishlists and that we predicted would become too rare or too expensive... ( подробнее )

Under the skin: How the new automated lane system will work

Plans to introduce to Britain the Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS), which is described as a “traffic jam chauffeur technology”, is likely to accelerate the need for more robust autonomous technology than exists on our roads today.

The Department for Transport, which has launched a consultation on its possible use, says ALKS will allow... ( подробнее )

Audi SQ7 2020 review

What is it?

The US may be a bit of a shambles at present, but at least when it comes to cars - and specifically the type of fuel that goes into them - Americans are united in their preferences. Petrol,   unleaded,   gasoline:   so long as it isn’t diesel, they’ll generally be pretty happy.

Audi claims that this is why it has ditched... ( подробнее )

Audi S3 Sportback 2020 review

What is it?

Back in 1999, the bright folks over at what was then known as Quattro GmbH lit something of a small fire when they launched the original Audi S3. Just as the regular A3 on which that car was based is now widely viewed as the first posh family hatchback, the original S3 is arguably the car that properly kick-started an entirely... ( подробнее )

New MG 5 electric estate priced from ?23,995 in UK

The planned prices of the new MG 5 electric estate have been revealed ahead of sales starting in the next few months.

New pricing information supplied to Autocar by the Cap HPI trade body shows that the 5 will go on sale from ?23,995 - after application of the government's plug-in vehicle grant -   and be available in two trim levels: Excite... ( подробнее )

Great car designers & their finest creations

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Car designers can have a huge effect on a company’s fortunes and leave legacies that last for generations.

While some can spend an entire career without ever contributing a complete project, others have an ability to   turn out one stunning shape after... ( подробнее )

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Boosterjet Hybrid 4WD SZ5 2020 UK review

What is it?

Is the Suzuki Ignis a city car or a baby SUV? At just 3700mm long and 1690mm wide, it’s significantly smaller than even a supermini, but it offers four-wheel drive and takes the kind of bulldog stance that makes it look fit for flinging mud.

Indeed, Suzuki refers to the Ignis as “the only ultra-compact SUV on the market”... ( подробнее )

4x4 face-off: Land Rover Defender meets G-Class, Jeep rivals

Nothing is moving in the parched valley bowl below except for the whirling dust blown this way and that by the hot summer wind. What water there is is slowly evaporating, leaving behind it only cracking mud, baked hard underfoot. Sandblasted, desiccated vegetation provides the only shade, and there’s very little of it. The temperature is 31deg C... ( подробнее )

Simple ways to cut your motoring costs

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Perceived wisdom says that motoring is expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you're switched on.

Just ask Autocar's James Ruppert, who has driven bangers for years, saving a fortune in the process. If low running costs are key you don't buy... ( подробнее )